18 Sep

CHDA Fall 2018 Gear Sale

Do you have a dancer that has outgrown their outfits?  Come to the Gear Sale!!

Do you have a dancer that needs a new to them Hornpipe/ Jig/ Kiltie?  Come to the Gear Sale!!

Do you have a friend that has stopped Highland Dance and wants to sell their items?  Send them to the Gear Sale!!

  • The Gear Sale is sponsored by the CHDA but open to everyone who has an interest in selling used costumes or buying ‘new to you’ outfits.
  • The Gear Sale is held before our fall competitions to give dancers the chance to get outfitted before the new dance season begins.
  •  All used items in good condition are welcome.
  • Highland In Style will also be in attendance.
  • More information and Seller’s Downloadable Tags/Sales List

Location:  North Glenmore Park Community Centre (2231 Longridge Dr SW)




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