18 Sep

CHDA Fall Gear Sale

**See downloads below for tags and selling sheet**

Do you have a dancer that has outgrown their outfits?  Come to the Gear Sale!!

Do you have a dancer that needs a new to them Hornpipe/ Jig/ Kiltie?  Come to the Gear Sale!!

Do you have a friend that has stopped Highland Dance and wants to sell their items?  Send them to the Gear Sale!!

The Gear Sale is sponsored by the CHDA but open to everyone who has an interest in selling used costumes or buying ‘new to you’ outfits.  The Gear Sale is held before our fall competition to give dancers the chance to get outfitted before the new dance season begins.

Little tip:  Coordinate with another parent and send your costume items to the sale with them.

Are you interested in VOLUNTEERING??  Email Megan Nettleton at meg.nettleton@gmail.com  to volunteer.  Shifts worked will count towards your CHDA Volunteer Commitment!!!


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